Welcome to Venture Machine

The Venture Machine builds tooling to make it easy for investors to invest, fund managers to syndicate, and founders to manage their offerings and get investments.

We use Blockchain as our back end, to enable efficiency, transparency and programability in every tool we build. The first tool we built is called 10e53, and the problem it tackles is the creation and management of investments through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)

We are Investors who Build: Venture Machine is a Technology Company created by startup founders and startup investors, for investors and founders.

Made By Investors, For Investors

For Angels, Fund Managers, or Investment Enterprises (Like a Layer 1 Blockchain Company for example), who wish to deploy capital on Web2 or Web3 efficiently (At Any Stage, And Any Sector)

Made By Founders, For Founders

Four Founders who wish to get seamless cap table management and offer it with additional liquidity to investors or stakeholders.

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