Benefits for the Founders

10e53 is free to use and offers a variety of advantages over using your excel to control who owns a piece of your company, or a Web2 SaaS that you need to trust and depend on.

10e53 connected to the Cap Table enables its efficient management

By benefiting a wider range of investors, the startup gains access to these, and since 10e53 enables the startup’s on-chain representation of their cap table, it makes it easy for the startup to also monitor any equity or token offering on-chain, which investors get to openly bid for, making the whole offering and trading process seamless.

Secondaries also get simplified

In addition, once the securitized shares of a company (as equity or token) are passed it’s lockup period (for securities laws reasons), the investor’s equity representation (the interest token) would become accessible and tradable among other accredited investors under the 10e53 platform, which makes the underlying equity ultimately more valuable.

Expand to new kind of investors

By upgrading the fund structure and funding vehicles to be more liquid, we hope to increase access to startup investing for both people and large institutions, benefiting the founders in the process (more web3 investors, more liquidity, better valuations, lower dilutions.

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