The 10e53 Protocol

The first blockchain-optimized SPVs (Smart Contract)
10e53 is the first blockchain-optimized SPV that leverages token-powered transaction mechanisms to handle the classic fund’s operations (LP onboarding, syndication setup, investment, and liquidity events), while also unlocking seamless secondary transactions by tapping into the transferability of fungible tokens.
In other words, it’s like the 3rd party SaaS we were talking about, but on chain, which means its - -


Since everything that goes through 10e53 is on the Blockchain, (and we built the UX to show it on a simple way) everyone from the LP to the Founder knows where the money is and which Docs have been signed.
No more crossing fingers on sent Docs and Transactions and waiting for Customer Service to answer the phone.


Blockchain enables money and digital assets/ documentation move at the speed of light, fully encrypted end to end.
No more re-doing a wire transfer that didn't get to destiny, and calling the Bank to fix it.


Additional features can be easily added ad hoc to solve other Private Markets limitations